Association Management
ATD provides all of the services necessary to
run a successful professional association.
Online Event Registration
Save money by hiring us to do your online
event registration. You handle the rest.
Association Directories
We specialize in developing professional member and resource directories for your industry.
About Us
Since 1994, ATTENTION TO DETAIL (ATD) has been providing management services to professional non profit associations.

ATD is the office for your organization, handling all of your administrative needs and coordination of events. We organize, coordinate, and manage board meetings, educational seminars, conferences and fundraisers such as trade shows and golf tournaments. We also handle all types of specialty events such as retreats.

Association Management

Many small and large organizations are run by volunteers

Often volunteer board members do not have time to run the daily operations of an association. By overseeing the logistics of an organization, board members have more time to focus on big picture ideas, knowing that the day-to-day administration will be handled by us with Attention To Detail.

Exhibit Shows

Exhibit shows provide much-needed revenue for the organization and help your members connect with one another. We have over 16 years of exhibit shows under our belt. Let us help you with yours.
While you are busy planning the topics and speakers for your next conference, we will work with you to coordinate and plan the perfect event:
  • Site Selection
  • Budget Determination
  • Event Promotion
  • Online and On-Site Registration of Attendees
  • Coordination with Venue
  • Menu and Audiovisual Planning
  • Speaker Presentation Distribution
Online Registration & Email Broadcasts

Taking registrations via email and fax is time-consuming, costly, and requires a complex infrastructure. We have a great system for online registrations that is quick, easy, and can handle all of your event needs.

Hire us to keep in touch with your members immediately with professional-looking emails.

Some organizations hire us simply to provide registration services and send email broadcasts to promote their events.